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The CORYX Robo Advisor – this is how the must-have for fintechs works


Progress for you, progress for your customers: The CORYX Robo Advisor for Automated Asset Management

Take off into the digital world of asset and wealth management with the CORYX Robo Advisor. We provide the essential technology to enable your fintech company to meet the demands of the modern customers.

Automated asset and wealth management has long been standard practice in many fintech companies. Position yourself for the future and offer your experience in the family office, asset management, or in fund management as an online service with a Robo Advisor. Start now with the CORYX Robo Advisor and use the technology we offer to provide your customers with flexible services and sophisticated reporting functionalities.

  • active or passive asset management

  • tactical and strategic asset allocations by risk class

  • Asset Allocation analysis

  • Separate analyses within closed asset groups (CAG)

  • fully automated rebalancing

  • fully automated monitoring of loss thresholds and investment strategies (alert functions)