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05. July 2021

Old hand new on the market - coryx takes off on the wealth management market

05. July 2021

Old hand new on the market - CORYX takes off on the wealth management market

CORYX Software GmbH has over 20 years of experience in the development of software for asset and wealth management but remained rather in the background due to the exclusive work with large customers. Now the market of family offices and asset managers is to be opened up.

Coburg, 05.07.2021. Many family offices and asset managers use Excel for their controlling and reporting services or work together with one or more banks for this purpose. However, this can quickly become confusing and lead to problems in the longer term. To prevent this, more and more family offices and asset managers are turning to companies that offer asset and wealth management software.

In addition to well-known companies such as QPLIX, PS Plus or iComps, CORYX should now also receive more attention as a software provider – because with the modern and high-performance software CORYX iO, the Coburg-based company must do anything but hide. Due to the previous work with large customers, the company is still quite unknown to the broad masses on the market. However, this is now to change.

The CORYX iO software is characterized by a strong back office, i.e. extensive transaction data processing functions for both liquid and illiquid assets and consolidated evaluation in reports and tabular views. For example, interactive analysis with asset statements or rebalancing is possible with just a few clicks. Special reports for the illiquid assets such as the overview of open commitments are also available. There are open posting rules for the export of all CORYX iO business transactions. The export data can be generated manually at any time, automatically overnight or adhoc immediately after transaction entry, e.g. for a Datev SKR03 account framework.

The entire spectrum of CORYX iO is additionally offered as a business process outsourcing solution. This means there are no time-consuming installations or costly hardware investments. The full service of CORYX iO including booking service can be used immediately.

CORYX iO offers the possibility to individualize the product with numerous functions and features and to adapt it according to requirements. This enables efficient and targeted work. In other words, a flexible platform for flexible working in the financial sector. With this solution, CORYX now wants to take off on the market.

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About CORYX Software GmbH

CORYX Software GmbH offers flexible solutions for asset and wealth management. Customers and users of this established financial software are large and private banks, asset managers, family offices and other companies in the financial business. They value the ongoing development of the IT solution that closely parallels the individual needs of customers and is based on state-of-the-art technology. CORYX iO is the optimal portfolio management software and accompanies users through all phases of professional assets management.