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16. March 2021

niiio finance group and CORYX start a cooperation project

16. March 2021

niiio finance group and CORYX start a cooperation project

niiio finance group AG extents capacities with new cooperation partners

Görlitz, 16 March 2021. niiio finance group AG (ISIN: DE000A2G8332), a listed company specializing in cloud banking software focusing on wealth management, made an announcement today to cooperate closely with three additional software providers. Their Cooperation enables them to act as a bidding consortium under niiio's leadership for larger projects in the future.

Niiio’s new partners are the Austrian FinAngel GmbH, a provider of modern front-end systems for distributors and private banks, the Coburg-based CORYX Software GmbH, specializing in reporting for family offices, and Quanvest GmbH in Bad Homburg, a provider of middleware services for investment management, risk management and reporting. Furthermore, a well-established international strategy and management consultancy for the financial services sector will act as strategic implementation partner for the bidding consortium. If required, it will provide onsite business process analysis, project management and implementation for the customer.

With this new partnership the niiio finance group expands the range of services in the field of digital wealth management, especially by adding its expertise in data management and interfaces as well as its experience in robo advisory to the mix. Niiio also has extensive know-how in all other areas, enabling it to act as a general contractor in the bidding for tenders. With its highly skilled IT department of 60 employees, who provide in-depth knowledge of all processes, niiio can offer comprehensive IT solutions under one roof. In the medium term it plans to further expand this network and lay the groundwork for a future software marketplace for wealth management solutions.

"With our new partners, we are now in a position to handle even larger projects," emphasizes Johann Horch, CEO of niiio finance group AG. "With this ecosystem, which is of course also open to other providers, our goal is to systematically advance digital wealth management in Europe."

About niiio finance group AG

niiio finance group AG is a provider of cloud banking software focused on wealth management. The company is a "full-service provider". It digitizes its customers' processes so that they can work efficiently and flexibly within the framework of legal certainty. In 2006 it developed a computing core for risk-adjusted securities investments. Thanks to this advanced technology, its certified private cloud solutions and almost a decade and a half of financial and regulatory know-how niiio is a pioneer in the industry. More than 50 banks and wealth managers across Germany rely on the software provided by its largest subsidiary DSER GmbH. With Niiio GmbH in his second business segment, the group also develops white label solutions for robo-advisors in customized design used by well-known asset managers.

About CORYX Software GmbH

CORYX Software GmbH offers flexible solutions for investment and wealth management. Customers and users of this established financial software are large and private banks, asset managers, family offices and other companies in the financial business. They value the ongoing development of the IT solution that closely parallels the individual needs of customers and is based on state-of-the-art technology. CORYX iO is the optimal portfolio management software and accompanies users through all phases of professional assets management.