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29. July 2019

Banking CIO Outlook Magazine has included CORYX Software GmbH in its list of the TOP 10 “Best Wealth Management Solution Providers in Europe” in the “Banks” category. Every year, this renowned banking magazine selects the top 10 solution providers in the banking and financial sector, highlighting companies which have distinguished themselves in the area of digital transformation in particular.

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25. March 2019

Specialising in wealth management software, CORYX Software GmbH will be presenting its new CORYX iO product family for the first time at the Swiss Euroforum “Bank-IT” Congress in Zurich from 7 to 9 May 2019.

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06. February 2019

CORYX Software GmbH has made a successful start to the year 2019 with its new product family CORYX iO. The solutions from the software company in Coburg have been designed to meet the growing demands of a dynamically active market for intuitive digital asset and wealth management solutions.

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