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Competence meets focus: Your goals are our ambition


Etops – together we create values

The definition of success is as individual as the paths towards it – and as individual as the people who lead the way.

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What unites us and our clients is an unrestricted focus on results. Your goal is our focus and the basis of a trusting, efficient partnership.

For us, partnership means creating value together based on our respective strengths. And thus, to add the greatest possible value to the projects that lie ahead.

Our credo: To meet your individual goals, you need more than a standardised software solution. This is where CORYX iO comes in – a software that is as individual as you, your work processes and your vision of success.

The basis of the partnership with our clients always is an unrestricted focus on results. Your goal is our ambition. But goals differ, especially the ways to achieve them. We recognised early on that standardised software solutions do not meet the complex demands of the financial sector. So with CORYX iO, we offer an investment platform that individually adapts to your workflow, your working conditions and your definition of success.

What is crucial for us: As a reliable partner with many years of experience, we are always at your side and accompany you with expertise, performance and comprehensive support.

Together we create values that guarantee you the greatest possible gain in value. In order to implement this steadily and consistently, we cultivate competence, partnership, sensitivity, efficiency and ambition as values and strengths that are deeply rooted in our company’s culture.

Because the path to success leads exclusively through a pronounced awareness of its components. With the CORYX iO asset management software and our qualified team, we create all the prerequisites to make this path as smooth as possible.

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Competence Experience & Expertise

Complex subjects demand the highest level of competence. Etops contributes profound know-how as well as the necessary specialist skills to satisfy the complex requirements of the financial sector.

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Partnership Trust Creates Vision

We do not only consider ourselves a service provider but rather a partner of the financial industry. For a common goal we establish common ground – in a progressive, communicative, goal-oriented way. This is how we bring your visions to life and pave the way to our common success.

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Familiarity Sensibility & Precision

As a software company, Etops is highly sensitised to the needs of investment management, since we utilise the very same tools: numbers, data and logic. We meet complex processes with decisive sensibility and the significant degree of detail accuracy.

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Efficiency Performance & Power to Create

Etops gives the user access to next level investment management. Through precision, efficiency and consistent performance strength, our technologies open up a whole new world of possibilities. Be creative with all future challenges and meet them with optimum results.

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Ambition Creating New Possibilities

In the field of finance technology, we constantly aim to push the boundaries with experience and expertise. Definitions of success are individual – so we make sure that our software caters to your individuality.


A strong team for a strong partnership

Being a strong partner requires having a strong team. Our qualified employees in the fields of business logic, technology and customer care are constantly working to further optimise our high level of quality and to advance new developments with foresight, in order to secure and promote your permanent success in investment management.

The comprehensive know-how and many years of experience of each individual Etops team member is invaluable to us, since it is the fundamental and unique basis that you experience when working with us and our products.

With CORYX iO you get more than just a software for finance – you get a team that makes your success its number one priority.

My motivation:
Quality is the result of conscientious work. Because it is the only quality that prevails.
Uwe Schenk CEO
My motivation:
Banks and financial service providers are constantly facing new challenges. We are your partner for tackling these challenges and mastering them successfully.
Gabór Pápai Technology & Architecture
My motivation:
To make our vision your lasting success.
Martin Wehner Support
My motivation:
Being appreciated by our clients for our flexibility, because we adapt the software to the processes in their company, not vice versa.
Beate Kahler Customer Service
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Being exclusively oriented towards results and always focussing on the client’s goals – that’s what it’s all about.

Uwe Schenk

CEO at Etops GmbH


CORYX iO: Why “iO” is the heart of our software

Here we answer the question what the "iO" in our product name stands for and why we decided to name it after minerals.

Anyone working in investment management deals – to put it simply – with input that generates output. The aim of Etops is to enable you to have little input (i) turn into an output (O) as large as possible. CORYX iO is all about efficiency and the skillful utilisation of resources. Thus, the advantages you enjoy with our software are summarised concisely with the abbreviation “iO”.

By naming our products after precious minerals (Amethyst, Sodalite, Emerald, Carnelian), we express our identification with the financial industry. We want to be not only precious for your work, but elementary.

Therefore, each CORYX iO product reflects our comprehension of financial services and their work with both material and immaterial values.