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Advanced Trading

You can make orders for any transaction and instrument type, generate orders automatically out of mass processing, for rebalancing, or simulate purchases and sales using daily updated data. For all this, C.I.P. offers a wide range of options.

Order processing management
Execute your securities transactions for all types of instruments, derivatives and transaction types, foreign exchange transactions and investments with the support of a well thought-out order management concept. C.I.P takes your individually specified restrictions into account and verifies accordingly ex ante, that is, before commissioning. Depending on the result, the software may correct or reject the action.

Corporate actions
More than 70 corporate actions can be processed with C.I.P. with the correct tax treatment. The booking is generated based on the calculation formulas and securities contexts. With this approach further corporate actions can be provided shortly.

Simulation, rebalancing
Simulating transactions helps to detect consequences before an order is carried out. – C.I.P. provides a proven tool therefor. Purchases, sales or changes in market parameters can be directly simulated in the portfolio or securities account. Using daily data updated, you can visualise the performance, yield, risk, or loss of an investment. In the same way, the function can be used for a fully automated rebalancing.

Whether the loss threshold analysis, investment policy monitoring, price quality or transparency of fees and charges – with C.I.P. you can monitor your customer’s investments according to some predefined parameters. All this is carried out in compliance with MiFID which ensures a high degree of transparency.


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