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Data analysis. Data representation.

C.I.P. Information

C.I.P. offers a wide range of functions for representation and analysis of your transactions. The expenditure of your time is reduced to a minimum, your freedom of choice to a maximum – C.I.P. requests for the status of your client’s portfolios are real-time operations.

In addition to the standard and individual overviews C.I.P. offers a number of information processing tools allowing you to keep track of your data. Perspectives, views, reports and report folders can be adjusted and extended according to client’s requirements.

The user can set up multiple views and / or reports, arrange them, and also safe in a perspective. Perspectives are accessible via a mouse click and are suitable for the recurring work with pre-selected reports and views. They are available system-wide or for individual users only. Per mouse click perspectives can be passed on and applied to portfolios or securities accounts.

Views and Drill Down
Individualise your visualised data with the View Manager. A single click takes you from the consolidated portfolio or securities account presentation to the corresponding detailed information. Analyse and navigate top-down to the transaction; making sure to take the full advantage of your analysis options – both, tabular and graphical.

Currently, approximately 30 standard reports are available. Your advantage: C.I.P. is capable of generating and mass print processing single or consolidated reports even in large amounts – for example for all client’s data. You can generate reports with a number of applied filter and group criteria, currencies and languages.

Automated report folders, document archiving
Report Folders – administratively complex and time-consuming? Not with the flexible C.I.P. report folder manager. Report folders can be generated auto-scheduled in pre-defined intervals and stored in the document archive. The same applies to the customer newsletters. Document archiving can also be used for your own uploads – for instance, if an automatic storage of customer contracts or securities prospectuses is required.

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